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Takin’ it back with Barack, Jack!

It appears that all my spirituality is going towards politics these days!

Hate to see the nation being run by a hack
Dig the situation that he dug in Iraq
Half the population wants to give him the sack
And now he’s lookin’ round for somebody else to attack
We need somebody great to get us back on the track

So we’re takin’ it back with Barack, Jack!

Choo Choo, Change to believe in
Woo woo, we can achieve it
Choo Choo, Change to believe in
Takin’ it back with Barack, Jack!

Now that global warming is a matter of fact
The only real question is just how to react
The new administration needs the guts to enact
Drastic legislation, leave the planet intact
We can’t be foolin’ round with some Republican Mac

So we’re takin’ it back with Barack, Jack!

Choo Choo….

He only gets his money from your regular macs
Doesn’t take a penny from some whackity PAC’s
For bringin’ folk together he’s the man with the knack
And he’ll supply the hope and inspiration we lack
Cause he’s the best we got and did I ….mention he’s black?

So we’re takin’ it back with Barack, Jack!


Who would have thought? Humor in Politics!


I don’t think I’ve ever been so ecstatically happy as I am right now, doing Neurology. It is nerdy, fast-paced with enough down time to think and enough “pimping” for me to reveal my knowledge-base and provide incentive for me to study more and more and MORE! God I wish I had been a Neuroanatomy TA. Oh well. Every Weds the Neuro residents get together to go over clinical neuroanatomy. And the attending is fantastic: knowledgeable, funny and respectful. He’s pretty much perfect. The rotation is perfect. Now the only question is I a perfect match? I hope so. Praying: “Please let me pass my family practice rotation so I don’t have to explain the circumstances around a failed rotation.”

Oo oo oo! i’m going swing dancing tonight! I’s right down the road from where I’m living! I’m so excited!!


I found Panera in Dayton, OH!! Yeah! 🙂

So far, Dayton appears to be a generic city with strip malls, high rises and museums, but I like it. It is infinitely better than New York City. I think I could handle living hear for 4 years, especially working in an Osteopathic Hospital. I’m excited to use my new OMT skills and confidence I received from Dr. Stiles in Pikeville, KY in the in-patient setting while on the Neurology team! Dr. Stiles told me the director of medical education at Grandview is pulmonologist who doesn’t do much manipulation, but encourages the students to do it. Sounds good to me!