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I’ve listened to “The Art of Happiness” at least 6-7 times now. It’s an audio book written by a western psychiatrist who is trying to relay the Dalai Lama’s wisdom to a western society in order to help people be happier. I could quote numerous stories or pearls of wisdom from the book, but I (myself) can’t seem to live up to these great words of wisdom. It makes me so happy to hear the Dalai Lama speak. I love his expressions, insights and hearing how people react to him (open up, feel inspired, etc), however, listening to him in and of itself is not going to change me. Ironically, I desire to listen to him and when I can’t, I suffer, which is exactly what he is teaching his audience NOT to do. He teaches desire as the root of our suffering. I know my next step is to start meditating and experiencing my higher self and understand universal truth, but I’m resistant, I’m lazy and now I’m grumpy. Hrumph!

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change those I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”


Change of direction, again.

It feels good to be posting again.  Of course, it is also a sign that I’m sure about where my life is going…

Neurology is fascinating, but do I really want to spend 4 years of my life in residency +1 year doing an OMM fellowship when all I want to do is manipulation?  While I was at Michigan State, I was impressed by many things, but something that DID NOT impress me were the “egos”.  Not everyone had an ego and the people who were intelligent enough to  qualify for ego-status, were actually the humble ones!  I went through the interview because I was there, but I have no intention of going there for residency.  I probably won’t get in anyway since the competition is fairly robust.

Sigh.  So, this leaves me scurrying around at the last minute hoping to get interviews at places I haven’t rotated.  I’ve turned my attention on to the one thing that brings me joy, a sense of satisfaction with patient encounters and what I plan on doing for the rest of my life: osteopathy.  I think it is unfortunate that the residency programs for Osteopathy are listed under the “medical term” of neruomuscular medicine (NMM).  God forbid we actually use the term osteopathy in the title…