Medicare study

Okay.  Medicare did a study trying to decrease cost and hospitalizations of elderly patients with chronic health care problems.  They specifically studied programs where patients, “got more intensive, coordinated care. That often involved nurses who acted as go-betweens, helping doctors give patients clear, appropriate advice; counseling patients on changing bad habits and recognizing worrisome symptoms. The nurses were available on a regular basis by phone or in person to answer patients’ questions.”

Apparently  a few patients benefited who took the advice to exercise and eat better, but otherwise patients and doctors were too stubborn to change.  This is a perfect example of insanity.  They are doing the same thing and expecting a different result, the only difference is that the care was more intensive.  They are not addressing the underlying issues preventing patients from changing and doctors, well, some doctors are hopelessly stubborn.

My study would include group meetings where we would not only discuss healthy eating and effective strategies to start exercising, but we would also discuss what it means to live, patient’s religious or spiritual beliefs, and I would include non-secular Buddhist teachings.  These discussions would also include the topic of death: patient’s personal experiences with death, how they feel about dying, what level of intervention they would want, etc.  I would also provide specific exercise opportunities- walking groups, Tai Chi or yoga classes and swing dance lessons!  And ideally I would facilitate shopping/cooking classes that make eating healthy easy, fun and tasty.  And THEN I would make sure all patients received OMT either as outpatients or after being admitted to the hospital.  🙂  I’m such an idealist…


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