Dharma Punx by Noah Levine

This was my latest book.  The most unique part is I have attended a few of the meditation sessions LA and I bought the book directly from Noah and his organization.  The first time I went, Noah was there, but 2 other people led the meditation and dharma talk.  I hadn’t read his book yet and I was too nervous to speak to him.  Then this week he wasn’t there.  Booo, (learning to accept the way things are and not wanting then to be different).  I’m looking forward to hearing him talk.  I’ve listened to some of his talks online (againstthestream), but it’s different in person.  The few things he said the first week I went resonated with me deeply even though they were just “house keeping” words.  He has a profound quality of beingness and humility.  Now that I’ve read his book (Dharma Punx) I…I…I’m not sure what I’d say to him.  His book was amazing.  The writing itself was relatively immature, but the content more than made up for it.  I bought 2 more copies this week to give to friends and family.  The book is his memoir of growing up in pain, wanting to die since age 5 and then discovering drugs, alcohol and punk rock as ways to kill the pain and let out his aggression.  Amazingly, he was able to turn himself around, starting at 17yo.  His efforts are so sincere and his emotions are so raw, I cried numerous times while reading the book.  Now he’s a psychological, Buddhist counselor and I believe he’s still working with inmates.  It will be an honor to meet him.

I’ll be in the LA area for 2 more weekends.  My sister will be here the last weekend and if I still haven’t spoken to him, she coming with me!!


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