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This is a dynamic, event-filled week. Begin by reviewing your ideas and plans as Mercury turns retrograde on January 28. You will find that certain circumstances or events start to snowball as Mars turns direct on January 30. Ready or not, be prepared to leap — not look!

In particular, Mercury’s placement in Aquarius promises plenty of exciting conversations. This is also the time to think outside of the box and leave any old or outmoded concepts behind. Mercury is in a trine aspect to Mars in Gemini, lending you energy and support. Just watch out for acting prematurely — you might wind up too far ahead of yourself!


Holy Accurate

Found myself in a bit of turmoil today.  It is incredible the horoscope below was in my inbox.  Of course, I haven’t paid too much attention to all the other horoscopes that had nothing to do with how I was actually feeling.  Still, Mars is on my assent in Leo, so it is a powerful planet for me.

“Mars turns retrograde starting November 15.

Mars turns retrograde once every two years. And when it does, as with any retrograde period, it’s time to review events already set in motion. Since Mars is going retrograde in the emotionally intense water sign Cancer, make sure you pay attention to your feelings, including instincts and hunches. Actions are now governed by your heart and gut, rather than by logic. If something doesn’t feel right to you, stop, review and make necessary corrections. Remember to pace yourself, since you will be in the review process until January 30 of next year! That’s plenty of time to prepare for putting plans into action once Mars turns direct.”

May forecast…

Astrology is SO goofy, but I love it!!

This May, it’s time to revisit a dream, ideal or vision, as Neptune turns retrograde in Aquarius on the 24th, ushering in a period that will last until October 31! If you’ve still got spring fever, be forewarned: When Neptune turns retrograde, logic goes out the window and we are all much more inclined to listen to our hearts and throw caution — and common sense — to the wind. The retrograde bodes well for the artistically inclined, though, and promises to do wonders for those without daily creative outlets. Indeed, expect your dreams to become more vivid as your desire to create increases.


“As Saturn turns direct, you are finally going to get some forward movement. Don’t drink that pot of espresso just yet, though! Things are moving forward, but speedy they’re not. Saturn is the planet that represents the builder, who wants everything done right. No shortcuts are allowed, so don’t rush anything. Instead, take your time to build slowly and thoroughly — you will reap plenty of rewards if you keep this in mind. And with Saturn still in dramatic Leo, make sure you are always sitting in the director’s chair.”

New Moon in Taurus

“A time of general concern with practical or financial affairs, material goods, home and family. A certain evenness of temper can be expected, a time for artistic/sensual experience.”
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